Our mission is to simplify business & marketing processes through web technologies and services.

Simplifying processes and providing the best in class quality is what has distinguished us here at Maximizer. We believe in removing complexities for our clients and maximizing their results. We began our journey in 2006 with our online marketing services company DirectoryMaximizer.com. This was a service that offered off page optimization services to clients which was a subset of the vast array of online marketing services available but it was the focus on this niche that led to our growth. From there we moved on to other service offerings like SocialMaximizer.com and DirectoryCritic.com; all service portals that help clients manage and improve their online space. Each of our ventures have been met with client satisfaction & approval and it was this appreciation we got that led us to go on and shift our focus from a service providing company alone into a product based company.

In August 2014, the company’s first in-house digital marketing product, Mondovo.com was successfully launched which marked the company’s foray into the product vertical. Mondovo, keeping in tune with our core belief in simplifying processes offers clients the combined benefits of SEO, Social Media and Google Analytics tools; all designed to help the user understand his site with ease and give them a focused direction in which to head.

It has been a wonderful journey for us here and everyday there is some new challenge that keeps us on our toes and never allows us to lose our sight. We recognize our clients as our biggest assets and giving them the best always has been our prime objective. The company’s foremost aim since we started our journey has been to be the one stop online marketing agency for our clients who have our cent percent attention, every second of every day!

Company Milestones

June 2005

Sameer started working on his
first website ChoiceofHomes.com

Nov 2005

First website
ChoiceofHomes.com launched

SEPT 2006

Launched first site in the SEO/internet marketing space DirectoryMaximizer.com

JULY 2007

Started Premium Paid Directory Listing Service under DirectoryMaximizer.com

FEB 2008

Company incorporated as a Pvt. Ltd. Firm, we were a sole proprietorship before that

JUNE 2008

Acquired DirectoryCritic.com,now it has grown marvelously to become the biggest resource for directories online!

MAY 2009

Launched our social bookmarking service, SocialMaximizer.com

APRIL 2012

Started offering different link building services in Directory Maximizer – Niche Listings, Guest Posting & Local Listings.

APRIL 2013

Started offering Content Writing Service through Social Maximizer

August 2014

Mondovo- The company’s first in house digital marketing toolset launched.