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Sameer Panjwani

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CEO & Founder

Sameer Panjwani, the founder of Maximizer-e-Services Pvt Ltd marked his foray into the World Wide Web by developing his very own website at the young age of 14. While he could not pursue this at the time because of having to focus on his schooling, he got back to the field in 2004 when he started planning his new ventures online. He has been prolific in single-handedly developing and launching , a U.S. targeted real estate portal, in January, 2005. Although this site served as his launching pad, he always wanted to return to the domain of online marketing where his real interest and passion lay and it was from this point onwards that he began to build his expertise and grow on his experiences in online marketing.

This in turn led to the formation of, an online marketing related portal in September, 2006. The website was a huge success and has been widely appreciated by its base of more than 25,000 active clients all over the world. He then went on to create a multitude of other online marketing related services like and that have all been successful in the online marketing space. In 2014 he successfully launched the company’s first in-house digital marketing product, which marked the company’s entry into the product vertical in addition to the service aspect of the business. Sameer plays a vital role in the programming and technical developments of the business while also formulating the overall marketing strategies for the business. His enthusiasm and passion for the digital marketing space is infectious and today he is leading a dedicated & confident team of people as he moves ahead with ideas for the company’s subsequent growth.

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Chandni Panjwani

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Mohammed Zeeshan

Arun Kumar

Sangeetha V

Latha Wilson

Amreen Banu.I

A. Vijaya Kumar

R. Nagarajan

Jestin Sebastian

Junaid Iqbal

Vinod Kumar

Karunakaran Ramaswamy

Sourabh CC

Radhika Khullar

Divya Aditya

Nagaraj S

Mrinal Kumar Das

Praveen Kumar

Naveena T S

Mohammed Hisham S A

Md. Maifoes Alam Khan

Umar Salman