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Mondovo is our all in one digital marketing tool designed to help you measure your site’s SEO, Social and Google Analytics metrics. Being an integrated all in one tool Mondovo provides you with a range of information designed to let you look at your site’s real time data and make sense of it. Our simple user interface, detailed set of reports for every analysis and suggestions at pivotal points make managing your social presence a piece of cake. What’s more, analysis just got a whole lot more fun with Mondovo allowing you to track and manage not only your own site data but also look up competition and see what they are doing!

The essence of Mondovo.com is enabling presentation of complex data into broken down facts for easier understanding and deriving actionable insights. Use Mondovol.com now and see how we redefine the definitions of studying SEO, Inbound Marketing & Google Analytics metrics.


Directory Maximizer

Directory Maximizer has been offering link building services to clients since its inception in 2006. We identified a core need of clients in wanting to make such submissions yet being unsure of the whole process; thereby enabling us to deliver the service to them. Directory submissions have been a core part of link building for a long time and we have been providing clients with a variety of directory submission services to suit their exact need. We offer submissions to free, paid, niche and local directory listings while customizing the complete order so that clients receive personalized service to the maximum.

We also offer Guest Posting Services wherein we write articles for our clients from scratch and get it published on high quality, great blogs that are the same category as their site. Some of our USP’s include making manual submissions to SEO Friendly directories, seamless customer service & an all pervasive support team. Our submission services have always been lauded by clients which is why they keep coming back to us!

Social Maximizer

With Social Maximizer we have been helping our clients get listed on social bookmarking sites and increase the traffic onto their pages. Social bookmarking has been a way for people to store and manage their most important pages by getting them listed on viral sites that have a large influx of people coming in. We have an extensive list of social bookmarking sites on our list that can be sorted by their PR while placing the order. The biggest advantage that we offer our clients include flexible submission options, detailed and timely reports to check the submissions’ status and ease of time by managing the whole process.

Social Maximizer has been offering Content Writing Services as well, heightening the importance of quality content and making it viral across the social network. This has led to better reader engagement, increased conversions and higher rankings for all clients having using this. In short, Social Maximizer works by maximizing your content’s viral quotient.

Directory Critic

Directory Critic is our encyclopedic resource pool of search engine friendly web and article directories that webmasters have been using for years to aid their site’s promotions. Directory Critic acts as dual portal allowing directory owners to list out their directories to be found by prospects as well as help potential clients seek out the exact directories they are looking for to make submissions.

We offer every type of directory imaginable including lists of Free Directories, Paid Directories, Niche Directories, Article Directories and Directories offering reciprocal links. You can make the submission yourself or employ our services where we get the same done for you, negating your hassle and saving you time. Building back-links has been a rather important aspect of modern day SEO and Directory Critic has been a one stop portal for clients since the fundamental stages of directory submissions. In short, Directory Critic has been the yellow pages for directories aiding your discovery of quality web & article directories.