Excited to know how we work?

We sure are excited to be here because each day brings us new challenges that we are not afraid to take on and emerge better!

Challenging Workspace

Since we are a company that is constantly growing, there is never a dull day at work. There’s always ideation, brainstorming and creative outlets to discover. Join us if you thrive in a frenzied work space where your brain cells will always be up and about!

Vacation Time

At Maximizer, we get 20 days of leave in a year and this is excluding the 14 national holidays per year. Oh, and we are off on Saturdays too!

Great Colleagues

Here at Maximizer we are a pool of smart, passionate, responsible and creative individuals. We believe in taking risks, being responsible and diligent and while we can go on and on, I’m sure you get the drift.

Recreation Room

Take time off from work any time of the day to have some fun in our super cool Recreation Room where you can challenge your friend to a game of carom or foosball. Use your brains in a cunning game of monopoly or just have some alone time with your book; the Rec Room is yours to access, anytime.

Friday evening get togethers

Enjoy Friday afternoons with your colleagues for some fun time with games & snacks & conversation; the perfect way to kick start your weekend!

Flexi Times

Wanna come & go as you want? You got it! At Maximizer, you have the benefit of flexible timings which makes you the master of your time to finish your tasks and leave!

Office Gallery