Maximizer Team In Mondovo T-Shirts – November 2016

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Our entire team is super happy because our most prized product was launched a few months ago & has been received very well by the entire internet marketing industry. We have got very good feedback from relevant sources that our SEO tool is just what online marketers were looking for – from the data quality to pricing, we have been told that Mondovo is heading in the right direction to soon becoming a favorite among both SEO agencies & website owners.
So to celebrate this first step in the ladder of success, we got Mondovo themed t-shirts for the entire team! Here are some pictures of our shiny, happy people wearing their brand new Mondovo t-shirts 🙂 Launch Launch Launch

Diwali Celebrations at Work!

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The festival of Lights was upon us. Diwali; it is a beautiful festival that commemorates togetherness and happy times with family and friends. It signifies hope, warmth and brighter times ahead. And it is with all of these emotions that each of us at Maximizer came together to celebrate this joyous festival with pomp, splendor and grandeur. The day dawned on us bright and sunny and there was a warm camaraderie in the air as everyone greeted each other donning their traditional best. We had decided to go all out and make the day as ethnic a possible in our traditional outfits and full zest for the activities that had been planned for us!

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The Day before Independence Day!

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Some days are especially important and special because they mark new beginnings and the tide for an exciting wave of change. Such days are always remembered with happiness and gaiety because they celebrate the success of hard work and sincere efforts. 14th August, 2014 was one such day when the Maximizer family got together to celebrate the launch of their brainchild; Mondovo. The event was held a day before Independence Day which probably made sense on many levels. It was like commemorating our day of freedom a day in advance and infusing all our energies into making it a grand success. Mondovo has been the company’s latest offering and let me tell you that this day meant significantly more to certain people because of the sheer amount of labour they had put in from years and being able to celebrate it meant that all of the hard work had paid off. Now, Mondovo is a comprehensive toolset designed to help clients manage their site’s online presence. But getting into technicalities of the product isn’t really what this article is about. This article is one person’s view about the uniqueness of the day and the amazing level of togetherness and solidarity that each and every member exhibited on the day.

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Need any help with SEO for your site? You can end your search here! We realize that looking for a good SEO company is not easy these days but can assure you that Maximizer e-Services Pvt. Ltd. will help you with all your SEO needs and get you top search engine rankings as well as increase in traffic! You can safely trust your site in our hands as we will treat it as our own. We know that each site is different and has totally different requirements and goals, so bearing this in mind, we customize our strategies to suit each website’s needs. What you get is a customised SEO plan which is perfectly suited for your site.

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Company Milestones

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Here are some important dates and milestones in the journey of our company’s growth:16th January, 2006
Sameer started the company in a small 2 room office with our first site

2nd September, 2006
Directory Maximizer, our manual directory submission service was launched.

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Our Blogs

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We are always trying to come up with the most informative, interesting and cutting-edge posts for our readers who want to know about everything that happening in the world of SEO and SEM!

Directory Maximizer’s Blog

Directory Maximizer Blog was launched in order to provide clients with a better understanding of web directories and how they function. With information on every aspect of SEO, along with the history, relevance and importance of directories and directory submissions, the blog was intended not only for the clients of our manual directory submission service, but also for webmasters and web-owners.

Social Maximizer Blog

Social Maximizer Blog gives you the latest information on the ever evolving Social Media Marketing. Learn how to market your website effectively in the various social media sites. Get tips, see examples and learn from other’s mistakes. We make the entire process of social media marketing simpler for anyone who owns a website!

Social Peel

Social Peel is a blog on social media marketing with a goal to provide information and advice that will help users successfully exploit the enormous marketing potential of one of the fastest growing mediums in internet marketing. Includes articles, tips and strategies about how to best benefit from opportunities available on social networking sites.

Online Marketing Diary

Online Marketing Diary deals with internet marketing and website promotion. In addition, it includes advice and tips, do’s and don’ts, strategies and tactics, as well as examples to follow while marketing a website, with special importance given to PPC, CPM, banner advertising and all other forms of paid advertising.

Sameer Panjwani

Sameer Panjwani, the founder of Maximizer-e-Services Pvt Ltd marked his foray into the World Wide Web by developing his very own website at the young age of 14. While he could not pursue this at the time because of having to focus on his schooling, he got back on the field in 2004 when he started planning his new ventures online.

He has been prolific in single-handedly developing and launching , a U.S. targeted real estate portal, in January, 2005. Although this site served as his launching pad, he always wanted to return to the domain of online marketing where his real interest and passion lay and it was from this point onwards that he began to build his expertise and grow on his experiences in online marketing.

This subsequently led to the formation of an online marketing related portal in September, 2006. This portal offered a subset of the vast array of online marketing services available, but it was the focus on this niche that led to the company’s growth. The website has been a huge success and has been widely appreciated by its base of more than 25,000 active clients all over the world. He then went on to create a multitude of other online marketing related services like and that have all been hugely successful.