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We offer “smart” products & services that simplify managing and marketing your web presence.

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Beautiful & Robust

Loaded with exclusive and beautiful features, Salient allows you to build a website that will have your visitors drooling from the moment they enter.

Digital Marketing Experts

We are digital marketing experts specializing in 3 core elements; SEO, Social Media Marketing & Analytics. We have been in the online marketing circuit for almost a decade now & believe that this is a crucial platform for you to achieve your marketing goals. Which is why we have been providing cutting edge online solutions to our clients in managing their site, time & again.

Core Focus on Technology

From the very beginning our aim has been to simplify processes for our clients so that their work gets done efficiently & on time. We realize how valuable time is and pride ourselves on our super productive system & technology that ensures timely delivery & stability in the ever changing digital marketing industry thus leading to happy & satisfied customers.

We Love our Customers

At Maximizers, all of us understand how important a client is for us to succeed. We have had our clients on board with us right from Day 1 and they have been the single most important focus for us. Hence we have always made sure that we get them the most personalized and built in custom solutions in meeting their needs.

Team of Innovators

The Maximizer Family comprises of an enthusiastic, passionate bunch of people who leave no stone unturned in bringing their best to the table every day. We work hard and play harder which goes on to say that we sincerely believe that all work and no play would indeed make Jack a very dull boy! And there are no dull Jacks here :)

Options Built With You In Mind

Imagine having a concise set of tools that not only helps you in identifying your core SEO factors but also analyzes your social brand to see your level of engagement? Add to this Google Analytics data and what you have will be Mondovo; our in-house digital marketing product that gives you the benefits of accessing all these 3 elements and using them to better assess your site’s online presence.

Mondovo has been developed after years of research, analysis and careful meticulation on our part in understanding what clients want out of this tool potentially and making the user interface as simple as possible. We are continuously improving Mondovo, taking in every user input to make it the only tool you ever need to understand your digital presence. The triple benefits of SEO, Social & Analytics has already found a chord with our beta users who have given us excellent feedback. This should right about be the time when you log onto and experience what we are talking about.

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"I love your service. I love the way you keep track of the directories submitted to, so I can come back time and time again to add in the new ones!"

− Chris Westmeyer

Hello, Thanks for providing such an easy and great service. I've seen a noticeable climb in the SERPs since I started using this."

− Benjamin Gill

"Hello folks, so far I am very happy with the service you're providing and am now including it as a standard part of my SEO service for my clients.
The price is very good and the delivery time is excellent! I should have a larger client next week which will want submissions to all the available directories."

− Michael Owen